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Cranberry & Avocado



Avocado oil is one of the most skin-penetrative natural oils, it doesn’t leave a greasy film when applied. This allows it to serve as a soothing, softening aid for dry, painful sunburns. In other words, if you’re struggling with skin inflammation or irritation of any kind, chances are avocado oil can help.


This soap is made with saponified oils of Rice Bran, Coconut, Castor, Olive, Canola, Avocado with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Stearic Acid (Olive oil derived), Kaolin Clay, Mica colourings, Fragrance Oil. 


Natural Soaps last for a much longer time if allowed to dry out between uses and placed on a draining soap dish or tray, away from direct streams of water.


Due to the handcrafted nature, every cured bar of soap will have its own unique appearance, which may vary slightly in color, pattern, design and shape. The item shown is a representation of this particular soap, and your soap may vary slightly.