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Matariki Sparkle Jar - Large


Matariki – a star cluster known worldwide and treasured in Aotearoa New Zealand as the Māori New Year. A time of renewal and celebration in New Zealand that begins with the rising of the Matariki star cluster.

The white Matariki jar gives a pretty, warm glow for the cold winter nights and a reason to gather those close to you and gaze up at the night sky (and if you are adventurous get up early and see the Matariki stars before sunrise).

From early June, before sunrise, look to the north-east horizon. Find the constellation Tautoru, or Orion’s belt (sometimes called ‘the pot’). Trace a line northwards from the three stars of Tautoru. Look for a faint sparkle of tiny dots, about the same width as Tautoru is long. This is the Matariki star cluster. Matariki can also be seen during the summer months in this location of the sky after sunset.

Historically, these stars were closely tied to planting, harvesting and hunting. If the stars appeared clear and bright, it signified an abundant season ahead.

The jars come in window card packaging, and are finished off with a jute twine bow and embellishment. 

LED Lights:
5 LED seed lights inside the jar
2x AAA batteries, sold separately
13.5cm Height
8cm Diameter