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Mini Pleiades Stars Sparkle Jar


Pleiades Stars are a beautiful classic sparkle jar with sparkling stars in the Matariki star cluster

The mini Pleiades Stars sparkle jars are pretty to look at during the day, and have small subtle seed lights inside to dazzle at night. 

Pretty to add to a vignette for those dark winter months as you spend more time cuddled up in the living room

Cute for a child's room as you read them stories before bed

Matariki is a star cluster which appears in the early morning sky in New Zealand during the mid-winter months.

The star cluster is well known throughout the world and at different times of the year can be seen around the globe. It is one of the brightest clusters in the sky, containing hundreds of member stars.

Each jar comes with a jute twine bow and heart or star embellishment.

Colours - soft white with gold star embellishment.

Lights 3 LED seed lights inside the jar

Powered 2x CR2032 batteries, included